CfP Linked Pasts 5: back to the (re)sources Bordeaux, 11-13 December 2019

An event that combines both cultural heritage, data model (linking to sources), LOD, and infrastructures/implementation.

Linked Pasts 5: back to the (re)sources

This year’s symposium aims to centre on the questions of sources, understood here both in terms of ancient/‘historical’ sources, and in terms of data (re)source used in digital, LOD-related projects. We would like to focus on how, and why it is important to link back to the sources, as those are where the historical objects we are dealing with originate from. In this perspective, one target identified for this year is the consolidation of data models related to place, people, and historical sources, especially on how to model relationships between instances from these three classes.

The second aim of Linked Pasts 5 is to debate on infrastructures and LOD implementation. This key question will be addressed through a keynote by Gautier Poupeau (Institut national de l’Audiovisuel), France), and a round-table gathering actors from national and supra-national infrastructures (Archaeology Data Service, DARIAH, and Huma-Num). We hope this will be the opportunity to share the best practices and present to the conference attendees potential solutions for data storing and publication.