Heurist, a unique solution to the data management needs of Humanities researchers

First, I would have liked to create a category “technology watch” or something like this, but I couldn’t find out how nor if I am allowed to. I think several posts already fit in this category. Coud we create one?

I would like to mention this tool, Heurist. I think it is the second time I came across it in less than six-months, so I guess it is becoming more and more popular. The spirit of it looks very much like the Knora, Knora-UI, KUIRL, NIE-OS framework, only not with the same technologies (SQL and PHP I think (@loic.jaouen correct me if I am wrong…)) and without the archiving part: guiding researchers with no programming knowledge in the design and set up of a customized database and a dedicated GUI, by picking up amongst existing modules.

Huma-Num has recently decided to set up an instance of it and identify historians as the main target group.

We haven’t had the time yet to dig further, but I just wanted to let you know: it is of course useful to know the playground and the tools coming up in our domain, but Heurist could also be interesting for those working on GUI (@flavie.laurens, @kilchenmann).

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