Inseri and Knora / Gravsearch

Dear DaSCH,
we are working on inseri and I wanted to show you how you can visualise data from Knora, queried with Gravsearch using inseri.

Next to an existing website of a project (for example Kuno Raeber), a user can create own collages and visualise data, also from different projects and different APIs (for example Europeana, e-codices, libraries, triplestores, etc), for his own need, for example for his/her research. Data from different APIs can be displayed on one collage. The user can create own notes on the collages, and will be able to share it with colleagues, etc.

For smaller projects that don’t have an own frontend developer, inseri will be an option to create an own website, of course with limitations compared to a fully self written website, but those websites can be maintained in a central way and all components are reusable for upcoming projects.

Please let me know if this is interesting for some of your projects and I would really enjoy some suggestions for other apps / other improvements, etc.

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Thank you so much and have a nice afternoon,

Hello @janCstoffregen.

This looks interesting!

I understand it can connect to APIs other than Knora, but I am more interested in a Knora perspective :slight_smile: So, would you say that Inseri can be seen as a complement to Knora-UI or is it something different?

And what is the difference between nie-OS and Inseri? Thank you for enlightening me!

Dear Marion,
thank you so much for your answer and for your questions! I already sat down with Flavie and André, and we added an app together to inseri, so they are aware which apps would make sense as an app in inseri as well. For instance the full - text search and the extended search would be amazing apps in inseri as well, I’ll try and add them this week!

Apps in inseri are pure Angular modules, and so they can do excactly what you want them to do. In addition, you can define RESTFul queries to the Knora API v1 and v2, save those queries in inseri and display the responses in apps and add more functionality to it. Apps can communicate with one another, and we are working on additional functionality to enable our users to display their content with the additional functionality that they are asking for.

We changed the name from nie-OS to inseri, it’s the same software. 20 people voted for it, we hope that this name is ok for everybody, but with names it’s always complicated :slight_smile: and we had some semi critical feedback for this name already, I like it very much though :slight_smile:

Thank you very much and please let me know if you have more questions, we are trying to build a community of users and are happy if a collaboration with you would be possible.

Best regards and have a good start to the week,

Now that I actually found the time to watch the video, I have a clearer view of what Inseri does, of course :slight_smile:

It looks great and would possibly be useful for many projects. To be honest, the process of defining the layout doesn’t look very easy (knowing the ontology is not enough, you have to be able to understand and browse through the API response), but I guess an enlightened-yet-not-an-IT-person user like me could probably make his way through it.

Inseri could be useful not only to display the data from Knora in a showcase website but also to build some “data entry form” that would hide the sometimes inevitable complexity of ontology. I think it would often be more efficient/easy for the final user to display 2 or 3 resource classes in one data entry form. Do you already plan to develop Inseri so that it can be used as well to edit/update data ?

BTW, I like Inseri better than nie-OS :slight_smile:

Dear Marion,
thank you so much for watching the video, please find my responses below.

I agree that defining the layout could be easier, we have several user-roles:

  1. The user that creates the collage (our new term for the pages, still under debate, what do you think?) needs to know the API. We will create API-specific GUI-elements to ease the use to formulate the queries but have not done it yet. But I agree, and have heard it from the team as well, that this step would benefit of being able to be done in an easier way.
  2. The user that looks and browses through the data. This user is not necessarily the same person as the first user and we aim at making this as easy as possible.
  3. more user groups

We have 3 projects that like to insert data directly via apps to change and enter more triples. So we are planning a data-entry app for next year. Do you have already a mockup? I will let you know when we’re getting further on this, currently we have to finish other stories at first. In general, writing an app in inseri goes quite fast, so if we have the mockup we could code it pretty soon.

We are creating an use-case-catalogue, we just started and all inseri tutorials etc will be here as well, I will let you know when there is sth that could be relevant for you. It’s here:

Again, thank you so much for your interest and please let me know if I can answer more questions or create an app for you.

Best regards,