Knora-UI v10.0.0 released - includes knora/api library

The new major version of Knora-UI modules v10.0.0 has been released on NPM.
This version 10.0.0 integrates the knora-api-js-lib v0.1.1 and it works with Knora v11.0.0.

@t.schweizer @kilchenmann @flavie.laurens
On knora-ui Github repository, the master branch contains the latest version of the modules with the integration of @knora/api (library). All new branches and PRs should be based on master (the base of the existing opened PR has been updated).

The old master branch has been renamed “master-v9.5.0”. This is the last version of the modules (v9.5.0) without the integration of the knora/api lib. All the deprecated methods and services have been tagged.