Knora v12.0.0 released

The Knora dev team is proud to announce the release of v12.0.0.

There is a breaking change in the Knora API. Existing data does not need to be updated.

Breaking API Changes

  • #1439 JSON-LD Serialization of an xsd:dateTimeStamp

New Features and Enhancements

  • #1509 Support lists admin endpoint
  • #1466 Optimise generated SPARQL

Bug Fixes

  • #1569 broken ark
  • #1559 Admin lists: createChildNode should send a httpPost request, not httpPut
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The breaking change ( is taken care of in which requires a new release of knora-api-js-lib. We will sort out the details tomorrow.

A simple and possibly stupid suggestion: What if front-end releases were made to be compatible with Knora releases that are a month or two old, rather than with the current Knora release? Would that remove the time pressure?

Sure, if there are good reasons for doing so. Currently, we have more of an communication and coordination issue, which is a reason, albeit not a good one :slight_smile:

I’m confident that we will sort it out over time. We will beginn by discussing it today in the DEV meeting.

I have just released knora-api-js-lib v0.2.0 and published it on npm.

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