Moved repositories from 'dhlab-basel' to 'dasch-swiss'

Dear all

I’ve now moved all DaSCH relevant repositories from the dhlab-basel Github organization to the dasch-swiss Github organization.

Don’t forget to update the new location in your local git clone of those repositories.


@subotic I saw you renamed the Knora repo to knora-api and it took me quite some time to find it again… next time could you please write somewhere this kind of info? did you rename other repo? what will we keep in the dhlab-basel Github organization? thanks

The dhlab-basel organization will host project specific work. This will be the place where the “Research IT” will hold their stuff.

The dasch-swiss organization will basically host anything doing with Knora, Sipi, surrounding tools, libraries and the DaSCH private repositories.

Sorry, I thought I’ve mentioned it in the developer meeting, but apparently I’ve only mentioned it to Ben.

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